Hocus and Pocus, two rabbits, live in Abracadabra, a city located in the Big Magician's hat. Each week a rabbit is chosen to come out of the hat. The one who excels the most in transformations..
Through astounding adventures, Bo, a young energetic girl, and her friends fight for their rights, as the megalomaniac Mayor's wife threatens to transform their picturesque coastal village into a superficial Bling-Bling Island.  
An old cowboy leaves on a trip with a 6 year old girl to Disneyland. As they cross a Flemish western scenery, they bump into two couples, who each have their reason to stop at a gas station.
The panda is an endangered species of animals. The pandas from this show are aware of that fact. They look with critical eyes to the world around them and find out that people are that smart as they think they…
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