Triple Trouble

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A team of three pets, a playful ferret, a sweet canary bird and a know-it-all stick insect, head out to ask Saint Nicolas presents for their animal friends and themselves. The journey is filled with adventures and their friendship is severely tested. Most of all, ferret Fred has to choose between his love for toys and his friends.


Produced by: il Luster (Nl)
Co-produced by: Vivi Film, Luna Blue Film, RTBF
Directed by: Albert 't Hooft, Paco Vink
Screenplay by: Arnoud Rijken, Michiel Snijders
Music by: Miguel Wiels (songs), Vidjay Beerepoot (score)

Flemish cast: Matteo Simoni, Bruno Vanden Broecke, Tine Van den Wyngaert, Jakob Beks, Iwein Segers

Running time: 67 minutes






Released in October 2014

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